Best WordPress plugin for zoom image

As we know about plugins there are different types of plugins to develop your website but here there are plugins for zoom images to make your website very beautiful. This plugin gives you a different look to your site and it makes attractive to the visitors.

There are 5 best word-press plugins for zoom images as shown bellow.

Zoom Magnifier for Woo-commerce

Zoom Magnifier for Woo-commerce is the best word-press plugin for the zoom images. It is one of the basic plugin to know the details about product image. This plugin gives can zoom the image inside or outside the allocated zoom box.


  • This plugin is integrated with Woo-commerce.
  • It can zoom on smartphone.
  • Automatically Deselect zoom function for specific product category.

Woo-commerce Zoomifier

Woo-commerce Zoomifier is also best WordPress plugin for zoom image. It is one of the most powerful plugin for image zooming. This plugin also act as customizable image magnifier plugin. This is one of the most popular plugin for image zooming.


  • You can easily enable or disable zoomifier by using this plugin.
  • You can choose light box icon position.
  • You can customize zoom windows at any time.

Woo-commerce Advance Image Zoom

Woo-commerce Advance Image Zoom is also a best WordPress plugin for zoom image. This is one of the most advanced plugin you can easily zoom the image by placing the mouse any where on the image. This is convenient plugin for zooming.


  • It is highly responsive.
  • You can enlarge image on mouse-over.
  • It consists of advanced zooming panel.
  • It has awesome support.

WP Image Zoom PRO

WP Image Zoom PRO is a best WordPress plugin for zoom image. It is one of the most configurable plugin in the market. You can also write your own text on the image. It can zoom very close on the product.


  • It is also highly responsive.
  • It can customize the zooming window position.
  • It has 5 star professional support.


Woo-zoom is also one of the best WordPress plugin for the zoom image. It is also a product magnifier zoomer. You can easily verify the product by using this plugin. In-order to increase the sales and experience this plugin is compatible with Woo-commerce site. It shows the product details clearly.


  • This plugin allows excluding categories at any time.
  • You can also set your main product image size and thumbnail size.
  • In this plugin you can activate or deactivate mouse scroll on zoom.
  • This is mobile friendly and easy to setup.

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