How to Earn Money from Website

Creating best website or blog is very hard.

But if you do it in the right way, It is very easy to build top site.

If you have a high traffic website or blog, You can use this guide to monetize your site with different ways.

Google Adsense – PPC Company

Every website owner starts with Google Adsense to monetize their site or blog. Adsense is the worlds biggest online advertising network.

If you have website with quality content and some organic traffic, You will easily get Adsense approval.

Check out Sign up with Adsense.

Other PPC Companies

You can also monetize with some other PPC or CPC ad networks. But no network pay you like Adsense.

Check out this Best Adsense Alternatives.

CPA Networks

CPA (Cost Per Action) is the different concept from CPC. You will not get paid for clicks, Only company pays you for valid action like sign up and download etc.

CPM Networks

CPM means Cost Per Mile or Impression. You will get paid for every ad impression. The visitor doesn’t need to click and buy anything.

But the eCPM (effective Cost Per Mile) is very low.

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Direct Advertisement

Sell Your Own Products

Ask for Donations

Accept sponsored posts (You may get some SEO issues)

Offer Membership Site

Offer Premium Content

Sell eBooks

Sell Your Website

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