How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money by promoting others products. If someone buy any product from your link, You will be get paid.

Affiliate Marketing is the one of the fastest growing and best internet marketing technique to make money.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.




How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to earn money with affiliate marketing. Here, i am providing best methods to make some good amount of money.


Create Website or Blog

If you become a affiliate marketer, You need your own platform(Website or blog). First create a website and create great content.

If you get good amount of traffic, Then you can place affiliate links on your site. Then any visitor clicks the link and buy product, You will be get paid.



Create YouTube Channel

First create YouTube channel.

Just login YouTube account with your gmail. Go to

ACCOUNT SETTINGS > See all my channels or create a new channel > Create a new channel

Or use below direct link

Create YouTube Channel

Type your Channel or Page name, Then click on Create button.


Create a quality video with DSLR camera or with your Mobile. After that edit video with free software like Windows movie maker etc.

The upload it to YouTube (You can upload by clicking Upload Button on top right side of the YouTube home screen).

Next, Type your video title, description and tags etc. You can also upload separate thumbnail for your video.

Finally, Hit the publish button.

You can place affiliate link in your YouTube description. When visitor comes to your video and buy the product by clicking affiliate link, You will be get paid for that sale.



Promote with Social Networks

You can also promote affiliate products with your social networking account. But you need a lots of followers.





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