WordPress Roles and Capabilities – Launch the Power of Your Site

Sometimes, you need to give users access to custom information on your WordPress site.  You want different WordPress roles to give different levels of access or information depending on what they users do or need.  You don’t want everyone logging in as administrators. That would be a security nightmare.  To allow this, WordPress has different […]

5 Things That You Can Do To Protect Your Domain Management

A lot of business owners didn’t get into business because of their technical skills and knowledge.  They have their own strengths and they hire out the technical components of their business to someone else, who is happy to do it.  One key part of that is their domain management. Domain management is controlling your domain, […]

6 Upwork Scams to Avoid and How to Stay Safe

Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing platform. It lets you apply for jobs for clients around the world for almost any skill.  It’s a great way to make money online for free.  Unfortunately, just like with anything successful, people will try to cheat others.  Thankfully, it’s not very common, and Upwork does a good job […]

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