WordPress Security – Keeping Your Site Safe

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms around for websites.  It might be the most popular platform used for websites. For those of us building websites, this makes WordPress a great opportunity. We have access to a number of plug-ins, themes, and customizations that allow us to do almost anything web related with WordPress.  […]

How to Install WordPress in C-Panel – Step by Step Guide

It’s very easy to install WordPress on C-Panel. C-Panel is a common software system that comes with many hosts.  It sometimes looks a bit different. For example, Siteground has incorporated most of the C-Panel information into its hosting to make it easier to use.  That’s one of the reasons that they are one of our […]

WordPress Plugins for Database Optimization

The database is one of two major components of your WordPress setup.  The database keeps your site organized. It stores the content of your posts, the configuration of your site. It keeps your site organized. These are just some of the major functions. Sometimes, your database gathers data in it that it no longer needs. […]

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